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April 09 2015

probably one of my favorite things about mikey way is that this grown-ass man wanted a sparkly silver bass and he fuckin made a sparkly silver bass so basically chase ur dreams
gingerardway (via ghearardway)
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October 29 2014

tbh ive seen guitars and basses that are better looking than most of the guys at school
sgtpeppersspoopyfoodclubband (via Read. Write. Geek.)

July 09 2014

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When we listen to music, rhythm is best communicated through low-pitched sounds, rather than the high-pitch of, say, a melody. So… is that why EDM is so popular? 

More/source: http://bit.ly/VF1m5i

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March 26 2014

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i’m rebloggin this because it looks like a cute family photo where everyone is wearing a matching sweater and they all look uncomfortable 

Guitars and basses dressed in one of my favorite colors aaaaaaah

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January 22 2013

This is why I gotta know every bandmember's names.
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January 14 2013

Drop The Base
(via Bacon Asylum)
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November 04 2012

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Savoury beats
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November 03 2012

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More Periphery Studio Footage For Good Health!

I want this guitar keyboard now. So I can sound like I'm plaiying guitar while I play the keyboard

May 28 2012

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Dude's got BASS HANDS
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