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February 05 2019

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There’s a lot of very talented 17-year-olds in Instagram, just like there’s a lot of very talented 15-yr-olds in deviantART back in 2009… Oh wait they’re the same people. it’s been 2 years.

tapas | webtoon

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February 24 2018

Similar ideas shouldn't stop you from creating
Sorry cuz I'm not sorry for my opinion on showing off your art despite people having done similar artworks before.

Nobody ever said this to me back when I was starting, so I felt the need to say this to somebody. Someone in deviantART told me their friend stopped writing and took down her fanfics and her blog account just cuz people accused her of copying someone else's fanfics and bashed her fics when it was all a coincidence. And in an Ear Biscuits episode Rhett & Link spoke about the numerous of scrapped out video ideas just cuz other Youtubers have beat them to making videos they were planning to make. It's really sad hearing this and I kinda wanna see their works cuz they've worked hard on something and y'all know how it feels to have something you've spent time working on thrown into the trash just like that. It's frustrating.

If this is the case then you gotta put a disclaimer on the comments or something. Don't let a small coincidence make people think you're an idea thief.

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June 25 2015

Reminders to myself (and any other artsy people who follow me i guess)


-You don’t get better at drawing by avoiding drawing until you are better at drawing.

- You don’t have to make a new masterpiece every day it’s okay if all you drew is a doodle of a bug. You are now +1 bug doodle better at doodling bugs. 

- Also it’s okay if the thing you drew didn’t turn out very good. Everything you draw makes you one step closer to being able to draw good. You are still +1 step better at drawing whatever you drew no take backsies.

- You are the only person who knows if your art didn’t turn out as good as you wanted it to. You are the only person who can see the things in your art that weren’t what you imagined in your head. No one else will know unless you tell them.

- Comparing yourself to other artists just isn’t fair. You get to see all of your art, the best stuff and the worst stuff. You usually only get to see the best stuff other artists make. You don’t get to see that half drawn badly propotioned face they drew at 2 am and immediately scrapped. So don’t compare your badly drawn 2 am face to their best work.

- Just keep making art. The only way you can really fail is if you give up. 

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June 12 2015


here’s what happens when you tell an artist that their design looks like another character design:
-if it’s a character they know, they will feel ashamed and worried that they subconsciously ripped off the design. they will not want to draw that design anymore
-if it’s a character they don’t know, they will become fearful that other people who don’t know them are going to look at their design and think that they ripped it off anyway and they will not want to draw that design anymore
-it’s not a compliment
-it just makes us feel bad

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June 06 2015

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some things I need to remind myself daily tbh

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May 05 2015


November 26 2014


July 18 2014

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Sometimes the internet can be a great place. 

(via assbuttswithbowties)

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July 15 2014



Artists vs. TMNT (Epic Rap Battles of History s.03 finale)

DonatelloMichelangeloLeonardoRaphael vs. Donatello, Michelangelo, Leonardo, and Raphael!


June 27 2014

This applies to everyone, not just artists.

EDIT: Oh, wow, a Daily Deviation? Thanks very much to alexandrasalas for featuring my work!
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April 04 2014

People who can't draw: Drawing is fucking hard 
People who don't try at all: Drawing is fucking hard
Teachers: Drawing is fucking hard
Beginning artists: Drawing is fucking hard 
Pro artists: Drawing is fucking hard 
Famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard 
Extremely famous artists: Drawing is fucking hard 
Long gone, passed away artists who went down in history: Drawing is fucking hard 
People who are upset an artist won't draw for them for free: Drawing is easy!

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March 30 2014

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People don’t always know the right way to talk to artists … so I made a guide. There’s a lot more I could have added, but these are the basics.

Some artists will draw your OC for free, but make sure that they are okay with doing that before asking. Otherwise, you’re being rude.

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March 23 2014


LookHuman is a shitty website masterpost


Ever hear of LookHuman? You probably know them as the website that has apparel and accessories with catchy slogans and phrases that fit right in with the tumblr community’s sense of humor.

Well, that’s because a large number of those catchy slogans and phrases, along with artwork, were made by tumblr users and used without credit or permission.

That’s right: LookHuman repeatedly and routinely steals/plagiarizes and profits off the work and words of others.

Don’t believe me? Take a look:

  1. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


  2. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


  3. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


  4. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


  5. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


  6. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


  7. Original Post on tumblr:


    Stolen by LookHuman:


And this is just a short list of the examples I could find easily.

They have also stolen work from other websites as well:

Original Shirt:



Stolen by LookHuman:


LookHuman is a company that preys on artists. They profit off other people’s work. None of the money from their sales go back to the original artists or originators of the artwork, slogans, and phrases they use. Noneof these people were credited.

Bottom line: See a cute shirt with a catchy phrase on LookHuman’s website? Chances are it’s already being sold by the original poster.

Don’t like seeing companies like this thrive? Don’t allow them to.





122 N Grant Ave
Columbus, Ohio 43215
United States

Tell LookHuman that you do not support art theft and plagiarism, anddemand that they stop engaging in these practices. Refuse to buy from their store until they change their policies and begin crediting the artists whose work they are profiting off of.

Protect artists.

Support artists.

Boycott art thieves.

Why didn't anyone submit this to YouThinkWeWouldntNotice blog yet?
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November 07 2013



when an artist wants to show you their art

or a writer wants you to read what they’ve written

it’s quite often an expression of trust

because a poem or a story or a painting are often things that come from the heart

little pieces of the artists themselves

and if they’re willing to share it with you

you should appreciate it


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September 23 2013

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Now that's what I call epic creative artist selfies.
(via 9GAG)
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August 27 2013

10 Things That Should Be Never Said To Artists
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June 22 2013


underpriced, undervalued & over it: attitudes towards art & commissions


There is a really problematic culture of artists underpricing their commissions online - though I’m sure this practice extends towards the ‘real world’. A fun fact before we start: the internet is actually part of the ‘real world’. If you don’t think that industry artists are also underpaid and undervalued, then I’m not sure what to say to you and you should probably quit reading while you’re ahead.

Pricing low in and of itself, isolated from the context of the kind of expectations that accompany low pricing for artwork, is not really problematic. What IS problematic, what MAKES it problematic is the fact that (as far as my experiences and the experiences of artists I know have made clear to me):

  • People expect cheaply priced artwork to be the norm. 

This raises all kinds of issues:

Because of this belief, it is then only reasonable that people tend to strongly believe that appropriately priced work - and I am talking about when an artist decides to price themselves according to a standard minimum wage, while also accounting for their time, effort & level of skill - is actually overpriced. 

This lends credence to the very popular (and unfortunate) mindset that art is not a ‘real’ job. It is a real job. But you, as a client or a consumer, probably find it difficult to even entertain the notion it is a real job. Why? Because if you have ever bought artwork online or otherwise, you will have never paid for a piece as if it was the product of a ‘real’ job or service.

When worth and value in our society is tied so closely to money, how can you think art is a real job when what you pay does not even come close to approaching what you would pay others for a ‘real’ job, a ‘real’ skill, service, product (all of which art is?) When you are even afforded a choice to continue to believe that art is not a real job? There might be one artist charging appropriately for their work, but hundreds of others that aren’t. I doubt one in a sea of many is enough to convince you of the worth of art.

I feel artists charging so lowly for their work breeds an attitude of entitlement in clients. This manifests in the messages artists receive begging them to lower their prices, telling them their art isn’t worth x or y, showing shock at the extravagant amounts that artists ask for their work (‘extravagant’ often being ‘enough to buy one meal in return for six or seven hours of work’). It does not help that art is often marketed as ‘cheap’ therefore worth buying (‘you should commission this artist, their work is so cheap and affordable!’) versus the fact it is worth buying because it is beautiful, custom-made, one-of-a-kind, everything else that art is and can be.

It is absolutely demeaning and almost humiliating to be at the whims of clients who asks for a thousand changes to their commission, who is picky, fussy, disrespectful, and who is trying utmost to get their money’s worth, when they have paid you $10. $10 for work that is already going to take you a good 3 or 4 hours, and then you have to spend MORE time on top of that dealing with their difficulties. The worst part is that most artists expect this. That this is the kind of client you must cater to when you’re working for $2 an hour (if you’re lucky). I know artists are terrified of raising prices because they fear they will lose clients, but are the literal scrooges of people the kind of client base you want to build?

Finally, don’t work for cheap people. It is widely agreed among artists that the majority of the time, the less a client pays, the less they respect you and the more they will dick you around. If somebody thinks that image, which I’d guess to be at least an hour or two’s work, isn’t worth paying the measley sum of $7, which is like, what, the price of a bowl of soup and a coffee at a cafe? They don’t value your work and are not worth working for.”


Then there are absolute illogicalities that arise in pricing due to the pressure of keeping prices low. Why on Earth, for example, is it that almost every single artist will charge less than double the amount for a piece that involves more than one character? Almost every artist I know has confessed that it is more difficult to draw two characters interacting in the same image than it would be for them to draw two entirely separate, singular characters in different images. And yet everyone charges 50% of the base price for an added character. How does that make sense?! It doesn’t. Think about it. I think this example speaks a lot about how art is valued (the fact that it isn’t).

The lack of appropriate monetary value assigned to art also makes it broadly valueless in other areas. There is this uncomfortable attitude that art is not a real job, that anyone can do it, that it is wrong for artists to profit off their own work, that it is wrong for artists to own their own work. Do you think I am being melodramatic?

This kind of unsettling, depressing culture is played out on Tumblr almost every day - artwork that is reposted, edited, unsourced. The deletion of artist comments because what we say about our own work doesn’t matter. We don’t matter. Art is only of value when it is divorced from its creator.

I don’t think people think a lot, or much, or at all about the process of creating artwork. Maybe if they did they would understand that there was  a PERSON who poured some of their time, effort, and skill into it. I think people have some kind of disconnect between artwork/artist, as if artwork is produced separately from the artist. This is just a theory, but since I struggle to understand why some people are so adamantly against paying more than $20 for a piece of quality work, this is the best explanation I can come up with. I can understand, because if people think that art is separate from the artist, why bother paying the artist or giving credit to them? If they exist as separate entities, why even care?

I’m not suggesting that there are any quick-fixes to these kinds of problems. There isn’t. I’m not encouraging artists to raise their prices or people to pay more. Though both those things would be very nice, I don’t feel it really addresses the underlying issues. What came first, underpriced art or undervaluing art? Who knows.

I think people are in need of an attitude adjustment, more than anything. I think I would be far more comfortable with artists charging lower prices if people actually acted in a way where they realise that that is a privilege and not a right. That it is a privilege to be able to buy art, which is a LUXURY - it is not a right afforded to you. You do not have permission to act like a spoilt child because you cannot afford someone’s work. You do not have any right to assign arbitrary values to someone’s art according to your own ludicrous attitudes to the worth of art.

I would also be much more comfortable if I knew that all artists were also acutely aware of the culture of underpricing, especially so that they know that they do not have to put up with the poor attitudes that often accompany clients that pursue cheaply-advertised artwork. If these two things worked in tandem, I am pretty sure that everyone would have an easier time in regards to commissions.

Further Reading

Lots of artists have talked about art pricing, and I suggest these for further reading (especially as they complement & provide further understanding about the issues I’ve raised here):

And since I feel a lot of my gripes with underpriced artwork (and what artists have to put up with as a result of that) can be alleviated by manners, here are some articles on commission etiquette:

thank u god bless u for this post may

April 11 2013


January 25 2013

Science vs Art
(via bird and moon)
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