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June 21 2015

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asked by a random anon :) took me days to get started cuz I was busy with office work.

out of the blue I decided to make Fab into some kinda mama bird, just because (maybe because I was thinking of birds previously & the idea subconsciously popped up). and I didnt intend to make the comic this long btw, ideas just kept popping up and it was after minutes that I found everything looking really wrong :B
and Fab going full bird in the end. scary.


otherspook asked:
haha your latest comic is hilarious especially the end with Fab as a bird! Fab's not dating Binki anymore though, they broke up a while ago... (Also lol Julian's tshirt says "trash")
lol thanks :3
ahh nooo thats too bad D: i wonder what’s gonna happen to Little Joy though.

This emphasizes the “lonely and unmarried” that Julian said in panel 3 then XD

June 18 2015

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I said this previously too on twitter

The downside is you can only enjoy night coffee during iftar, not sahur.

June 17 2015

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If someone made a statue of you, what position would you choose?
this one. i kinda like it when the mic cable strangle me on stage.also dang my hair is getting long rn i need a haircut

June 14 2015


June 12 2015

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Sometimes I just envy the wrong things...

Oh and here's the pet plushie turtle from the rival print shop I was talking about
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June 11 2015

the strokes + zodiac signs + elements

June 09 2015

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likers get 6 likes

June 05 2015

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Background test - night cityscape
digitalized from a sketch, since I havent drawn a lot of backgrounds & sceneries. feel free to use it as your phone wallpaper or something.

May 30 2015

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oh dont mind me here have some cuddly chibi Strokes for no reason.

it’s been a mental inside joke to me that Fab constantly pops up from underground.
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May 28 2015

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@szopdkiap 15like:) pls
drew your quote in the style of Murakami's Norwegian Wood cuz my sister has that book

May 26 2015

drew this cuz of this post:



what if julian pulls a 180 like albert did and starts working out 

imagine buff julian casablancas 

With a “Tennis Ball Yellow (on one side) and Red and Black (on the other side) Mullet. Revolutionary haha

which reminds me of that Dragons: Riders of Berk episode “Portrait of Hiccup as a Buff Young Man

sigh i cant draw realistic paintings in comics :’(

May 21 2015

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May 20 2015

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...then who's gonna be Ultron?

Agh I forgot how to draw Avengers, I swear I drew them awesomely like 3 years ago. And I'm ashamed to say that I dont exactly know the Strokes’ personalities & which Avenger they’d exactly be so I just based them on what I felt some of them resemble at first glance. Thus, the indecisiveness.

also IMHO screw that last panel, people can cosplay whoever the hell they like no matter what skin color them and the chosen characters are.


#this is cute, #I agree about Nikolai as Thor tho, #lol

May 18 2015

Steven Universe - Alone Together
Eventually there's gonna be a SU fanart featuring this FOB song. I'm jumpin' the bandwagon.

May 15 2015

Dancing Queens
a comic I did earlier on March, been saving it in case I dont have time.

Featuring @purplecyanide cuz her birthday was on February
another year older... sigh
what's coating outside is the lighter faded concrete, but how you act is entirely the brighter translucent gem embedded inside.

15 • 5 • 1991


May 13 2015

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Heyy (by m_saad1)Sup. I just drew you an Oreo-themed hey

May 12 2015

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yet another cheapass lazy doodle~ i can do better I swear.
Ive seen the Shaky Knees photos and dayum it looks like Fab's fro just got bigger. also DRUMSTICK PROPELLERS THO.

May 10 2015

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wasted chicken nuggets is sadder than you think

the last panels are probably how 30-yr-olds view 20-yr-olds
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