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June 07 2019


May 30 2019

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Me in Komikman's style

May 24 2019

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Part 4, and the finale for now (and hopefully not the actual finale cuz I wanna see these two make a comeback again n hopefully they'll try different styles).
I can say I'm pretty proud of this one. Though I like the green & purple forest witch goth phase too, this monochrome & mostly black goth phase is like a breath of fresh air.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

May 22 2019

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Part 3 (which was supposed to be part 2) When these two entered this punk phase their blogs and online stores were still pretty much light pink, so I didnt notice the style change. Ive only found out about them when they're in the witchy goth phase, but they were still very much into bands and photography.
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 4

May 19 2019

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Part two (which was supposed to be part three cuz the larme/punk phase comes first after the lolita phase before this one)
Lovin' this aesthetic a lot cuz it's all green & purple, how refreshing. Initially I wanted to give one of them green hair but eh, since the trees are already green enough why dont I just give em both purple hair? I need more practice drawing trees just as much as I do drawing deers in the previous pic.
Part 1 | Part 3 | Part 4

May 18 2019

The idea was from an earlier textpost, and just in case y’all need some more comics poking fun at Diego, here ya go.

Of all the unnecessary moments Klaus had to conjure Ben, this is one of those. And Vanya’s face in the 6th panel is a big mood.
revamp of my 2011 piece on dA called "Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies". The title kinda sounds Owl-City-esque but part of me thinks that I just felt like drawing bright red hair because of Soup.io? I was pretty proud being on Soup while everyone else was on Tumblr that time.

Also i sorta took the plants idea from anouki_morgenstern's drawing minus the rain. Count this as a drawthisinyourstyle somehow.

May 17 2019

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So yeah I made fanart of this stupid case ive been following... idk, after all that negativity & causing one of them to go on a hiatus, I just felt like drawing something positive over all that negativity.

Just FYI these aren't their current looks anymore and they've both changed aesthetics. I'm just throwing back to a few years ago with the deer park scene, when they still look like this.

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May 03 2019

A Draw This In Your Style for Kleahvii's piece,  something ive wanted to draw for a long time.

Redrew AngelaaaSketches' Watermelon Girl 🍉


Redrew Onehourlate's OC as a drawthisinyourstyle, not exactly an art trade this time (though she did my DTIYS in return as well)

May 02 2019

Finally some Klaus x Dave doodle

HOLY HUAH. I just realized they look kinda like Captain America n Iron Man ffffff
Someone on Tumblr asked me to do this...
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April 27 2019


SadKlaus.jpeg 😒 
Im somehow unsatisfied with how it looks… Probs cuz he doesnt look sad enough. Maybe i shouldve kept the comical :< frown from the initial doodle.

Sigh this feels Daveless. I gotta draw Klave stuff, mang

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Tbh the joke’s not even funny. It's just an excuse for me to draw a laugh track panel so dumb it’s perfect. Everyone laughing so hard they went OOC. Mainly Five.

Headcanon that Diego bites/chews his knives when bored. And I’ve said this previously but both him & the Ice Age Diego are practically the same character.

Original incorrect quote by @silver-stuttering
I had to do it cuz I kept imagining Luther’s gasping face in the end

Lol Diego in the 5th panel. Maybe a bit of Ben rubbed onto him.

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When your brother secretly has the same kink as you & you walked in on him in your room being tied up by his own tentacles & it traumatizes you and weirdly turns you on at the same time but you can't tell your other siblings how much you wish you can unsee it cuz you're the only one who can see your dead brother.
Whew. That was a long one.

This is the closest i can get to 🅱️entacle 🅱️entai idk what was i thinking i aint doing it anymore 😣

good question, Knife Boy
But like didnt Luther drag Diego on a space mission with him in Hotel Oblivion? I havent had the chance to buy the comic yet idk whats going on

Yeah i gave him the skull & crossbones logo from the comics & hoping he’d get them in Season 2 or 3

…and then Luther ran into his room & proceeded to cry for hours cuz what Diego said was too much.

Yet another comic about envy cuz i’m THAT cliché, and the Umbrella Academy’s the perfect show for it cuz they’ve all got issues of inadequacy. Even Five who thinks he’s perfect 🤣
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