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May 17 2015

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Trees, like animals, can also experience albinism, though it is extremely rare.

the reason it’s rare is because without chlorophyll, the plant can’t get energy, and dies shortly after sprouting unless it has some other source of food. so if you see a plant as big as the one in the picture that doesn’t have any green in its leaves, it’s getting its nutrition from the roots of a neighboring plant of the same species, feeding on the sugars created by the other plant’s photosynthesis.

albino plants are basically vampires.

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January 26 2015




Albino isopod compared to its non-albino counterpart at the Yokohama Omoshiro Aquarium

those are face huggers

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August 15 2012

Albino squirrel
(via squirrel)
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February 16 2012

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Just some albino animals
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