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June 18 2013


RGB Landscapes

Milan-based creative team Carnovsky is a duo consisting of Francesco Rugi and Silvia Quintanilla. Recently, for Milan Design Week 2013, the team created this exhibit entitled Fabulous Landscapes. The installation is a continuation of their ongoing RGB project, in which the artists experiment with layers of colors, both print and light, as they appear to the naked eye. Printing on walls with overlapping red, green, and blue designs, the artists then illuminate the room with either red, green, or blue LED lights to reveal one scene at a time.

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February 20 2013

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Caleb Charland: Making of Apple Trees and LEDs

[Pictures from ThisIsColossal]
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November 22 2012


Balloon LED Lamp | Buy here

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June 14 2012

Energizer Headlight packaging

August 12 2011

This recreated the Daft Punk helmet with a LED animation
Awesome work (see the final result on http://www.fubiz.net/blog/index.php?2008/12/04/2464-daft-punk-helmet this is just amazing)
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July 06 2011

Meet our newest office worker / friend, Shred Zeppelin
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March 18 2011


Millennium Falcon guitar

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