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July 04 2015

when a friend of yours gets friendzoned and pulls a "SENPAI NOTICE ME" online...
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May 25 2015

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Racism in brunei


YO, this is disgusting as fuck. As a Muslim, I was taught to fight for justice for everybody and to protect every person from any form of oppression regardless of their religion, ability, or gender. I was never told—in my reading of religious text—to only save Muslims. Islam has taught me kindness and cooperation with others. It has taught me peace not just with myself, but with others. Islam never taught people that democracy is wrong or elections is not a part of Islamic political system. Islam never taught people that political representation should only be from Muslims. Whoever has been telling you that is feeding you lies and would rather numb you than allow you to participate because being Muslim means being actively engaged.

What the person on the picture is saying that their values is one that is spineless and lazy, and that the status quo is benefiting them the most; hence, speaking for it with the blind eye is the right thing to do—because the government rubbed my back, so you should rub the government’s penis back, right?

Also, Malay-Muslims are not first class citizens in Brunei. They are second class citizens too. Everyone is second class.


Exactly ! Even my muslim friends said that but most of the elder generations here are fucked up. The elder generations actually WANT to stone the gays and think that the other religions should get out of brunei. There was one comment that said “chinese people should shut up and accept the syariah law or else they’ll kidnap the chinese minister in Brunei and burn him.” LIKE WHAT. I even had a teacher that told me to keep my mouth shut if I didn’t agree with Brunei and to just get out of Brunei and return back to China. Cause I’m chinese. I’M A CITIZEN TO BRUNEI. I’ve never even been to China. I just hope that the next generation, my generation, will be better than the last :(. So far my friends are really awesome they’re really nice and understanding. :)


I remember my deeply visceral response–literally feeling like throwing up–when I first came across posts like these on various Facebook pages. I have since then developed a somewhat tougher exterior against such personalized prejudice, but only because I had to. The truth is the hurt that arises from this kind of hatred is always fresh and always potent–and I suspect this will be the case for the longest time–so if I had not will myself against the barrage (yes, barrage) of hateful viewpoints, I would be crushed long ago.

In retrospect, my nausea at my first-ever-seen clearly-articulated written statement of my status as beneath my Malay brothers and sisters is silly in a sense. The thing is: I have always known. I have been raised up to believe I am indeed a second-class citizen, and to accept this fact, and nobody even had to say a word about this to me. It was clear from my process of growing up, from my day-to-day routines and interactions, from all my life, that I, for one reason or the other, simply have less rights than the Malay everyman/woman. Legislated rights and rights beyond the scope of law both.

I have learned that more people than I had ever imagined harbor ideas like those pictured above. Social media is amazing and devastating in this regard. Common extension of the discrimination: “If you don’t like it here, leave.” If I have days, I could point out the logical flaws and practical stupidity of the ideas pictured above or the rather ubiquitous demand for unhappy non-Malays to leave the country. I do not have days however, and will only point out that even more worrying than the lack of rationality among certain Bruneians is the lack of empathy and kindness and humanity. I pray for our survival.

Also racism and bad grammar go well together
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May 16 2015


Mark Anthony M. Tito:

As a graphic artist, I feel for all the layers...
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April 29 2015

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feeling egg

guys for real im laughing so hard rn

I think the worst part was that she was fighting with an egg

i love 13 year olds

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April 20 2015

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we have developed people

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April 03 2015

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Thanks to this art museum Kamila and her friends went to, now we thought up of using the word 'contemporary' as an insult XD and I'm pretty sure hipsters would use it.

January 21 2015



the legend of korra + social media (part 4 out of )

January 19 2015

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Comic HIGHdea popping up just because Tina was craving fruity slushies from 7Eleven

January 13 2015

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"You’d struggle to pour water out of a boot with the instructions on the heel"

God DAMN thats some Shakespearean shit right there

your url makes this even more beautiful

(Source: iraffiruse)

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December 18 2014


December 14 2014

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I’m very confused about my own look back video.

I can’t stop laughing.

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November 25 2014

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I was on Facebook scrolling The Best Of Tumblr's fb page, when a screenshot with the big blue corner button comes up. And I was using Fast for Facebook, which also has a big blue button, and THIS happened.

but lol at the tumblr post.
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November 03 2014

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woof woof wats for lunch lol

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October 28 2014


I just realized that the multi-purpose blue button in Fast For Facebook is similar to the multipurpose vermillion button in the Google+ app

October 02 2014

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Reisha tried posting an ASCII owl on my wall but since Facebook automatically deletes extra spaces in the beginning, it disfigured the owl up so I had to use dashes. Tbh he wings made me think it's a sassy owl.

Oh and the interface looks different because I used the FastForFacebook app (by Fast for Android) and not the original Facebook app.

September 21 2014

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The New Relationship Statuses that need to be on facebook social media (c) Jacob Andrews

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August 29 2014

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I don’t think she’ll get my pun

she didn’t

The jig is up

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August 23 2014

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a man who gets what he wants out of life

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August 22 2014



sexting like


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July 29 2014

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People should only update their Facebook statuses with great stories like this one.

That was wild

from start to finish

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