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June 28 2015

One day a woman had 100 children




She sadly did not have the creativity to name all of them unique names so she named each one a number from 1-100. One of them was named “one”, the next was “two” and so on all the way to one hundred. But, in a tragic accident, 99 of the children died. The only one who survived was the one named “Ninety”. Ninety eventually grew up and lived a whole life and she even had a few children of her own. One day, while Ninety’s children were playing outside, they stumbled upon a stray dog and the decided to keep it. Ninety did not want the children to have a dog so they hid it and named it “This” so that they could talk about it around their mom without her knowing. They would say “Lets go take This outside.” and things like that behind their mom’s back. One day, while Ninety’s children were not paying attention, This walks out into the middle of the street and gets hit by a car. This eventually dies and Ninety’s kids don’t tell their mother even then. No one else ever hears about This ever again.

Only Ninety’s Kids remember This.


How dare you make me read this with my own two eyes

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December 01 2014

being born in the 90s is really weird and cool because we were the first generation to be introduced to technology but we still had a childhood playing outside on our bicycles like my whole street used to be filled with kids doing kart wheels and playing together and i know i sound like a grandma like i love internet and iphones but idk when i look at my niece i think we were the last

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