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February 05 2019

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ig: ronasegar | beruberuv | arcadra

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ig: ronasegar | beruberuv | arcadra
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Collab with @kamiqurra
Well tbh this was her birthday gift for me in 2014, she drew the lineart but never got the chance to color it so 4-5 years later, i colored it just for fun.
This is us diving into jello like a swimming pool.
A thought i had of a conversation with someone. Poured into a little comic because I felt like it.
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Comic-ified a tweet about yet another relatable situation seeing someone you envy get a compliment
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Lately i’ve been listening to Wine and Crime podcast at work n i was kinda wondering if my sudden boost of interest is cuz of hanging out with Vin_Madja a couple of times…
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Inconsistent reflexes

Tapas Webtoon

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There’s a lot of very talented 17-year-olds in Instagram, just like there’s a lot of very talented 15-yr-olds in deviantART back in 2009… Oh wait they’re the same people. it’s been 2 years.

tapas | webtoon

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I just realized May doesn’t actually have voluminous hair but whatever

December 25 2018

A doodle turned into a full-colored drawing. It says "the milk that makes ya open yer eyes!"
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November 29 2018

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November 09 2018


October 28 2018

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today Pieceofcucumber talks about: altruism
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I really love Grab's new intro screen

September 23 2018

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When you replayed a childhood song and it’s bilingual and you’ve only recently noticed the singers’ thick accent during the english verses which sounds quite normal when you were kids…

Nothing wrong with that though. Also here’s the song I’m talking about.

September 22 2018


August 26 2018

Artist Quirks
Did this artist quirks meme thing that's been going on the internet. These are some of mine, you guys probably share these traits too, especially the first one. 
A lot of people put slouching posture, face unintentionally mimicking the characters they're drawing, constantly needing coffee & music, etc the really common ones so i can't put those here.

Also the album on the first panel is the fictional band Travestalk from my story Timestamps, cuz i couldnt think of which real life album would taste like popcorn.
Job Interview
Is it me or does anyone else automatically revert to their fresh graduate phase when you're applying for a new job?

Btw I'm currently not looking for a new job, I'm still happily working in my company now. When this strip actually happens the year count in the first panel's gonna increase, and I'm still gonna tell them I'm a fresh graduate.
Rushing before the con
This was pre-Comifuro. Ive only heard it from a friend the previous day, printed all my stuff in the next morning n arrived in the afternoon. Everything was rushed, im unprepared as always. But hey I got there and managed to sell stuff.
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