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February 17 2019

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More Sally Face doodles. This was after I found out Sal wearing a dress at the wedding is canon & confirmed by Steve Gabry himself.

February 10 2019

Still having them Sally Face feels after watching a few youtubers' gameplay. This was again a redraw of a comic I doodled when i was bored at the office. Tbh I dont even like TikTok memes 🙃

February 09 2019

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started out as a doodle of my baby cousin back when we were still in the hotel in Mecca (she wasnt with us tbh)
Tags: artdump baby woah
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Third one in the series after Cornpig & Rabbeetroot

Yes I'm aware onions don't grow on trees, but owls do fly & chill on trees.
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Stage performance copycat scene. In both panels they're painting/drawing before singing a made-up song on the spot.

Are you #TeamUkulele or #TeamKeyboard?

February 06 2019

my new year's resolution not just for 2019 but for every year ever cuz it always seems to fail halfway 😔 
less envying others, more appreciation for others and self love.

February 05 2019

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le FINALLY. MuffinEmonoka x K0ib0x and Arcadra x Beruberuv fireplace copycat scene. Been wanting to draw this but im undecided on what the theme should be, and hearing from Arcadra that Beruberuv had a recent anxiety attack and he felt sad that he wasn't there beside her to calm her down, I had a fireplace scenery in my head.
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happy CNY from Greed & Gluttony cakes
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Fanart of @local_posers, a must-read webcomic if you’re into light doses of heavy metal boy love.
Cuz im stressed at work so i gotta let out some sweet vibes n i still feel like drawing these two. 
IG: arcadra_ / beruberuv / ronasegar
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ig: ronasegar | beruberuv | arcadra

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ig: ronasegar | beruberuv | arcadra
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Collab with @kamiqurra
Well tbh this was her birthday gift for me in 2014, she drew the lineart but never got the chance to color it so 4-5 years later, i colored it just for fun.
This is us diving into jello like a swimming pool.
A thought i had of a conversation with someone. Poured into a little comic because I felt like it.
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Comic-ified a tweet about yet another relatable situation seeing someone you envy get a compliment
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Lately i’ve been listening to Wine and Crime podcast at work n i was kinda wondering if my sudden boost of interest is cuz of hanging out with Vin_Madja a couple of times…
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Inconsistent reflexes

Tapas Webtoon

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There’s a lot of very talented 17-year-olds in Instagram, just like there’s a lot of very talented 15-yr-olds in deviantART back in 2009… Oh wait they’re the same people. it’s been 2 years.

tapas | webtoon

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I just realized May doesn’t actually have voluminous hair but whatever

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