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September 28 2016

Timestamps: Characters

So I’ve been writing this story since November last year, and it was initially supposed to be a faux-diary of myself in an alternate universe working in an animation company, but overtime I’ve dissociated myself from the story and it develops, and the characters develop and soon I’ve chosen looks for them some reason. And really weird names.

Characters from top to bottom L-R:

“Remains Nameless”/RN - storyboardist, co-concept artist, general / odd job animator
Travia - audio team head
Dwy - head animator (basically also a high-level odd job animator)
Azka - concept artist
Ingvald - vectorization/digitalization artist
Berwald - keyframist, co-cleanup artist/animator
Ilona - bg & cleanup artist/animator
Zephyra - musician, one of Shivonne’s close friends. not part of the animation company
Shivonne - animation director, sort of like an underboss of the animation company
Gioven - Shivonne’s boyfriend, works as a consultant in some vehicle company a few floors up.
Asmad, Hajar, Heloise & Strov - game designers / gamers. they make games as a franchise for the animated shows the company made.

you can read the story here 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

July 01 2016

June 08 2016

Maytrait 2016
It's a little late for me to submit this cuz it's already june.

May 15 2016


as you can see I'm not even trying anymore.

i blame the shapes of the numbers which don't fit unlike the previous two I did.

May 09 2016

Wanna know what an extreme wet willy is?
Y’all know EVERYONE’s gonna go nuts on that Home Depot hose scene in GMM 915. What were you guys thinking, Rhett and Link?

Meh they were probably just being silly… but borderline sexy. But still silly. But also sexy.

April 30 2016

Apriltrait 2016
doodles for this month's Montrait challenge. Earlier I was gonna do the Maretrait(Mactrait) one but failed cuz I started on the wrong paper, and with a blue pen idk if that's allowed but I did well this month, although I lost the paper at one point & my friend found it again.

Separate pieces on Tumblr: X X X
Soup repost: X

February 08 2016

MTL+SU+Strokes+Undertale dump Feb2016

1. regarding the bit with Skwisgaar’s panties from this lazy doodle. now everyone has panties with their faces on them too.
(tbh if i had one too i’d act just like Pickles)

2. just felt like drawing some gems with some mugs. Amethyst telling a crazy story to Lapis while Peridot seemed disinterested (probably cuz she was there with Amethyst that time and she thinks the story is all exaggerated)

3. meanwhile Garnet and Jasper are in the other room. Jasper’s probably bitching about that time she and Lapis fused into Malachite & was imprisoned under the sea for so long.
(y'all know where the mugs are from if you've been with me in dA long enough)

4. Nikolai & his puppets! I swear I’ll make a comic of these puppets someday but I havent had a finalized idea yet (im sorry anon :,< )
Also I put this up on Twitter & he replied :D

5. more Metalocalypse + Steven Universe crossover doodledump. oh yeah I paired Jasper & Rockzo for the lulz (though I dont ship them). That Pickles & Amethyst hug is from here.

6. wat.
also thanks to RichaadEB now i have Undertale soundtracks stuck in my head (the metal covers btw) & i cant stop humming them.

One more bonus doodle in Tumblr, it was a gift for someone so I didnt show it here.
All aboard the hair-braiding train

Yep yknow every TV series has to have a group hair-braiding fanart at one point. How cliché.
I had this thought for days & only got around to draw it. (Now you know who did Skwisgaar’s bouquet-ish hairstyle lol)

Chin up Murderface you definitely need a new hairstyle & Garnet’s helping.

Soup | Tumblr
Just felt like drawing some chibis & pointing out similarities between these smolstuff (actually Amethyst is the 2nd smol one in her gang cuz Steven’s the smol-est. She’s obviously still smol-er than Pickles)

The ironic thing is that Pickles is more mature than Murderface.

Bonding over Chaaaaps

Ever since that Crsystal Gems/Dethklok post I’ve been getting a lot of Steven Universe & Metalocalypse mish-mash ideas. This comic is one of them.

Oh yeah Steven & Nathan would totally bond over CHAAAAPS. And lol he was gonna tell him a “story” of possible international serial murderers.

Another common thing Steven forgot to mention is Abigail is kinda like Connie in terms of tough dark-skinned female companion. The difference is that Connie started out weak but grew stronger & now has a sword, and Abigail was a competent music producer who wants no BS in her job, and she’s still a competent music producer who wants no BS in her job.

Soup | Tumblr

Triangleheads staredown

A staring contest between these two triangle-haired mofos. i accidentally drew their eyes unleveled & had to rely on teeny tiny eyeballs to stare at each other -___-
Amethyst & Skwisgaar are snacking on Dethkorn. & as an equivalent to Steven’s starry eyes I gave Toki kitty eyes :P

I’m starting to crack-ship Peridot and Murderface. i shouldn’t be. help.

Soup  |  Tumblr

Dethdumps... or Dumpsklok
Been watching Metalocalypse since last December and i never thought I'd actually draw fanart for the show.

It's been a while since I uploaded stuff here. These had been up on Soup & Tumblr last month.
For a better look here are the links to the separate pieces:
Tumblr: X X X X X X
Soup: X X X X X X X X X X X

January 13 2016

Looky here one more coincidence

September 22 2015

Rhett n Link + Twenty One Pilots crossover

After this Rhett & Link photoshoot fanart I was in another mood to draw some more R&L/TØP crossover, & had Stressed Out and It’s My Belly Button in mind. Thought I’d do another crossover like this 30 Seconds To Mars / Paramore crossover from 2 years ago.

I had fun drawing them in each other’s music videos while still retaining their own color palettes.
Tbh I kinda felt bad that R&L didnt get to goof off as much as TØP here, & Josh & Tyler had to endure embarrassing scenes with the plants on their belly buttons. Maybe I shouldve picked a different song.

Stressed Out (c) Twenty One Pilots
It's My Belly Button (c) Rhett and Link
(also featuring Jen Mattichuk in the left 3rd panel and Rhett & Link's wives & kids in the bottom left panel)

September 15 2015

Gonna post more Strokes stuff from tumblergh

September 06 2015

R'n'L photoshoot

Haven’t been drawing Rhett and Link fanart for a long time now (despite still watching GMM & their music videos) so here's a big pile of their "supposed photoshoot" which took me a week to finish.
So it's divided into 3 parts; the upright vs upside down shots, the GMM shots & the mask shots. And it's actually a reference to another band's photoshoot sooo bonus points if y’all get the crossover >:D

Didn't realize that I've actually drawn them more realistically than I usually do. Probably from watching too much GMM.

p.s. I do not own Rhett & Link

Twitter links [X][X][X] | WIPs: [X][X]
Tumblr reblog | Soup repost

August 21 2015

Strokyo Mew Mew

And it’s finished. Derp.
My brain just had one of those crack crossover days, and this one started out as a random tweet cuz I perfectly thought of who’s gonna be who in this crack crossover.

May I present to you Nickuro Fujilensi, Nikoretasu Midorifraiture, Julichigo Momoblancas, Fabrizurin Fongretti & Mintbert Aizammond Jr.

[Tumblr reblog][Soup repost]

July 10 2015

4974 8c8c
Banners in the rainstorm be like


Why Markiplier is problematic:

He waves like he has no control over his arms!

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