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Rhett n Link + Twenty One Pilots crossover

After this Rhett & Link photoshoot fanart I was in another mood to draw some more R&L/TØP crossover, & had Stressed Out and It’s My Belly Button in mind. Thought I’d do another crossover like this 30 Seconds To Mars / Paramore crossover from 2 years ago.

I had fun drawing them in each other’s music videos while still retaining their own color palettes.
Tbh I kinda felt bad that R&L didnt get to goof off as much as TØP here, & Josh & Tyler had to endure embarrassing scenes with the plants on their belly buttons. Maybe I shouldve picked a different song.

Stressed Out (c) Twenty One Pilots
It's My Belly Button (c) Rhett and Link
(also featuring Jen Mattichuk in the left 3rd panel and Rhett & Link's wives & kids in the bottom left panel)

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