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A Friendly Reminder



-Deadpool is insecure
-Deadpool has chronic pain
-Deadpool is submissive in bed
-Deadpool is pansexual
-Deadpool lifts up his mask so Hawkeye can read his lips
-Deadpool is a blonde
-Deadpool’s initials are WWW
-Deadpool had an abusive father
-Deadpool’s mother died from cancer
-Deadpool fell in love with a teenager
-Deadpool left her because he didn’t want to hurt her
-Deadpool had a daughter
-Deadpool didn’t believe she was his because she was too beautiful
-Deadpool had to be dragged away from his daughter’s dead body by Cap and Wolverine
-Deadpool carries Hello Kitty band aids
-Deadpool is good with kids
-Deadpool can’t be killed by Ghost Rider because he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong
-Deadpool hates himself
-Deadpool used to curl up in a ball and mumble about his skin hurting
-Deadpool is married to the queen of the undead
-Deadpool reads his own comics

Wade Winston Wilson is a beautiful man who must be protected.

adding: Deadpool is a rape victim and he would never, ever disrespect ladies nor try to force himself on anyone (i felt the need to add this especially because most of his dudebro fans trully believe that he would take ladies by force).

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