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Please repost if you believe it is perfectly okay and natural for a guy of any age to cry

Satanicblowjobs : Proving a point to my boyfriend

masturbatorsanctum: Oppressing emotions simply results in the creation of dysfunctional individuals. Artificially restricting an individual’s range of emotions leads to an accumulation of dysphoria that can only be resolved, in the end, by a violent emotional explosion. Sadness is not a female thing, violence is not a male thing. Repression of emotions according to sex only results in compromised individuals. Because even if one is forbidden to express some emotions, one still experiences them.

If one is forbidden to cry to vent one’s sadness, what will one do instead ? Hit ? Kill ? Commit suicide ? Stay introvert ? Are these really healthier behaviours ?

So yes, totally : it is perfectly okay and natural for a guy of any age to cry.

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