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My dad has access to 3D Printing technology and the first thing he prints is a miniature version of himself


you shrunk your dad with a shrink ray and now you’re trying to cover it up with this bullshit.. but we dont believe it for a second


Speaking as someone who is studying 3D printing, I find it highly unlikely that this is actually a printed model. First, most 3D printers cannot print in color, meaning that either he painted this perfectly, with completely realistic colors, or he has access to a machine which can print in photorealistic colors, which would be uncommon and expensive.

Second, making a digital model to print from is not a simple matter of clicking a couple buttons. In order for this to be an accurate model, the guy’s dad would have to be scanned by a laser scanner made for this purpose, a process which would take at least an hour for this level of detail. I doubt that anyone could stand perfectly still for that long.

Third, the level of detail is just too high. You can clearly see crease marks in the pants with no “stepping” effect anywhere, which would require the layer height on the printer to be considerably smaller than the width of those creases. No commercially available printer goes that small that I know of. If one does exist, it would be extremely high-end, costing thousands of dollars.

If he does work for a company that owns a machine capable of making this, I highly doubt they would let him take up hours of valuable machine time, and spend a considerable amount of money on operating costs, on a vanity project.

So yeah, this is just a fairly well-done photoshop. Or a shrink ray accident.


My father was scanned with an Artec Eva scanner and was printed by Europac 3D who provide the same service commercially for ASDA supermarkets who have commenced this service to the general public for £60 per model. His full colour 3D print took 4 hours and utilises the colour collected directly by the Artec scanning system. The same system was used on a number of VFX projects in the film industry by my father including World War Z and the soon to be released Houdini.

You are saying this is not scan data and that this is not 3d printed, my father, who is a 3D data specialist, suggests you change your course to one that is more up-to-date and better informed. It might be a good idea to reserve passing comment until you actually know what you are talking about.


never seen someone get so demolished rip user 



i printed a 2D miniature version of myself the other night using a HP officejet 7610 in B/W imo. i am a young asian teen with qualifications beyond your dreams (huge dong) and aspirations to be the greatest human alive. i am currently unemployed but have applied for 5 jobs in the past week. 2 have already rejected my application but it is ok because i will Keep going until i find a job. i am looking for a girlfriend also


Following back until I find a soup girlfriend



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