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What do strippers do when they’re on their period


what do homeless women do when they get their period


what did tribeswomen do when they got their period


what do fictional characters do when they get their period


We never even solved the first one


Well for the stripper, astronauts and homeless it depends on their age. They could be at menopause and no longer have a period therefor not worrying about it

Here's how I see it:
strippers probably use tampons, or probably one of those moon cup things where you insert it in your vajayjay n it just collects period blood)

astronauts use tampons as well cuz liquid just floats around in space (but they still need to soak it though)...

homeless people, someone probably donated pads & tampons to them already, and if not, they use newspapers.

tribeswomen probably use animal skin or they dont give a damn & just let blood pour wherever they walk on.

fictional characters, depends on the settings of their story.

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