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قال لي أبي ذات مرة اللي ماله وطن .. ماله في الثرى ضريح - محمود درويش





- hi how are you ?

- where did you come from ?

- we’re coming this is our land our country !

- nonsens !! this the land of our grand parents( ancestors) and our children’s children  will stay in it !

- how nice !!! very very nice bravo ! i don’t see fear in your eyes uncle abu aymen ?

- what would i be frightened by ?  i’m in my land !

-i’m going to bring you a piece of paper right now which you will sign and give up all your properties ! even your land that means ! because this is the land of our ancestors !

- no no your history isn’t right ! this is the land of our great grandparents !! we are from here we’ve been made here( he’s basically saying we’ve been born here) we didn’t come from outside , you came from  outside fromm russia or somewhere… and you want to take my land like this ? i won’t sign even if you kill me !!!

- i’m going to give you a lot of money !!

-i don’t want paper that comes and goes the land is everlasting i don’t want your money !! keep your money foor you your home isn’t here this is my land me and my grand children will stay here!!!

-we have planes we have tanks we can bombard you at any time !

- bombard me i don’t care !!! but we’re present even if we die under the ground we’ll come out we’ll still move under the ground we’re not leaving it … the ground you’re standing on !!!

*this is the part where they reveal their identity 

-i’m arab just like you … we’re arabs from gaza !!! this is the purpose of the episode to stay … we’re staying !!!

*hugs the man to confort him*

i tried my best please forgive any mistakes and feel free to use this translation !




Subhanallah. Bless these men

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