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My gender fluidity. 

over the years i have been in and out of the general mindset that i wasn’t really all female. for some reason, i couldn’t shake it off after a brief trans phase i had in high school. however, i have been very upset with my anatomy lately, very upset with what i’d see in the mirror, and looking at this image, i see my pure masculinity (image on the left from the age 17) and my pure femininity (image on the right taken a week ago, age 20)
i am not afraid of who i am anymore, purely based on the fact that i am no longer afraid of privately being judged by family, based that i don’t’ live with them anymore, and i am in a stable relationship that knows how i feel, and i am getting married. 
now i’m comfortable with this, and able to say, i am beautifully unaware of what gender i could be one day, and not the next. <3

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