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Mint Wings

Yep you guessed it. the idea of these mint wings were taken from the Adventure Time episode Blade of Grass, where Finn gets a new grass sword which at first tried to possess his arm and ended up being a part of him right after he's learnt to accept the sword. Since I miss doing comics about myself flying a tad bit closer to the sun like For The 42nd Time and While Flying, might as well go for the mint wings that applied the same way as the grass sword.

And I miss those days of drawing comics traditionally, on paper and mixed media, with black frames. Sadly I haven't got sharpies or copic markers with me so I only used watercolor pencils for this occasion. And I was listening to Breathe Owl Breathe's "Own Stunts" during coloring the last scene and it suits the scene quite perfectly.

Featuring my two friends myoo89 & likaura

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