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I might be the last person to notice this, but I just realized that while there are two of each type of pony (Earth, Unicorn, Pegasus), the mane six actually have one pone that exemplifies their type, and another that sort of does an alternate route. Applejack is the example of the best Earth Pony, since she works with all things on earth, does all sorts of gardening and such. However, Pinkie Pie goes in a direction that no other pony really does with her talent for parties. Twilight is the perfect example of a Unicorn, seeing as how her special talent is magic. Rarity, however, doesn’t use her magic for much other than her spell for finding gems. Rainbow Dash is probably the fastest Pegasus in the world, following all the norms of the Pegasus to a T. Fluttershy’s talent has nothing to do with her flying, and actually prefers the ground to the air. I think this shows that although two ponies are the same type, they still have their differences, but they can still get along. No two ponies are the same, but that doesn’t have to be something that gets in the way of their friendship.

(via imaballoon)

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