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Back in school with Tina and Reisha.
Doing every college thing normally... except during the school play when they weren't with me. Suddenly everyone were wearing uniforms from my old high school, and some of my highschool friends are back, along with new people I haven't met. There's just this one particular stranger though, who kept purposely brushing his shoulders & arms against mine and tried everything to phisycally touch me. I was instantly creeped out but nobody seemed to notice. They thought it was just part of the act. He continued being creepy around me even after we took a break from acting.

Something wasn't right so I went to the front office to make a report. Turns out, Gavin worked there now as vice principal. I told the whole thing to him and he tried solving whether or not he creepily likes me and that I should avoid this guy. His hunches were positive and he told me to stay the frick away from him everytime he comes in sight. I returned to Tina and Reisha & told them the whole thing. Before that, Gavin told me to research this guy's background, so Tina & Reisha suggested we go to the computer labs to research. I came across a secret detective agency website & tried calling their number.

Later, a bunch of ladies dressed in green kebayas arrived, and it turns out that they're the detectives I called, secretly disguised at workers & salesgirls in Sariayu (or maybe they do work there as a cover for their secret crime investigation squad). When I told them about my situation, they immediately told me to take heavy measures to avoid being in contact with this guy, cuz all they know, he is bad news and can lead to obsession, insanity and even death. He's done that to a couple of girls he had crushes on too and they always end up missing.
The ladies told me, Tina and Reisha to leave the labs now cuz they're going to investigate further and they told me they'll take off the Sariayu duty for a couple of days because they'll be guiding the college under different disguises.

That's about it.

Before this, a PRE-SLEEP THOUGHT:
Slenderman was tired after a ling night's work of haunting people, and he had to de-stress. He went to this random warm pond in the middle of the forest he haunts people in, and took off all his clothes, & went for a bath.
As he let his tentacles free, he suddeny got a boner. One tentacle starts going inside his butthole while two others cater to his hard-on, jerking him off. Another two tentacles were molesting his nipples. Everything got all tense and fired up, and he was ready to shoot his load. Not inside the pond though, instead, he tensed up & sprang into a giant crab position, and shoots his projectile load on the ground just outside the pond. Slowly he relaxed back and soaked himself in the pond.

It's basically self-tentacle-rape, I can't even

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