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Dream 25/11/2013

My house was infested by tiny little kitties meowing, yes, their sizes vary from palm to marbles. CUTE-ASS TINY FLUFFY KITTENS with even tinier little mews. They're fun to have around and are quite difficult to catch, and turns out they're quite fragile and if not handled properly, will be turned into candy.

I had to bring those kittens to Ghea's friend Kania's house, which was a few blocks from my house (idk how that happened) but I was careless enough to just throw the kittens in a box and by the time I reached Kania's house the small marble-sized kittens turned into candy, and the palm-sized kittens turned into pinkish red candy. Both types of candies were sticking onto the box and Kania wasnt impressed.

Later on Ghea offered to help me (along with another friend of hers which was a guy wearing glasses) and we managed to save one kitten from turning into candy.

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