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Some pre-sleep popping ideas:

- Something about making a snowman out of gluttinous rice. The body made from balls of gluttinous rice stacked up, the tophat from black gluttinous rice wrapped in seaweed, the nose from a thin slice of carrot and the eyes & buttons made from seaweed. The arms were decided to be made outta cloves but since they're too short they have to find actual twigs (that are small enough to fit a tiny edible snowman)/


- Someone talking to her friend, telling her about her aunt & uncle, Sufiah (Aunt Sophie) & Jaka Widiastuti (Uncle Jack). Yes, her Uncle Jack has a girly last name due to when his mom was pregnant, he thought the baby would be a girl and they named "her" too early, only to end up being born a "him". Since then he's been so embarassed and Aunt Sophie is the only one weird enough to admire his girlish name and marry him. She's described as an eccentric person, a fashionista & diva with weird taste and has a wardrobe of dresses, bizarrely styled to match her personality. Not to mention matching hijab & shoes for said dresses.


- Dora The Explorer... featuring the Lonely Island. Andy, Akiva & Jorma introduced themselves when they bumped into Dora and her friends and they asked her what she was doing. She said they were all exploring and she was on a mission. In return she asked them what they're doing & they said she needs to guess. She then asked the audience what The Lonely Island were doing there & went like "That's right! They're gonna sing! And they're setting up a concert in the middle of this forest :D". TLI then said they need tickets to go watch the concert, but Dora and Boots already have their tickets and showed them on the screen. Boots then asked why dont backpack & map have a ticket and Dora told him inanimate objects dont need tickets, but humans and animals do. Dora suddenly remembered her mission and it's all clear to her now that the mission was to give The Lonely Island's concert tickets to the rest of her friends, which was in a far place and they need to get there. And so the episode begins, with Dora & Boots taking off while Andy, Akiva & Jorma stays to prepare their stage.

- A continued idea from the Uncle Jack & Aunt Sophie piece. Enter a separate family. A man named Udin. He has 2 sons Tariq & Lukman. Tariq is about 17 while Lukman is 14. The boys have a cousin named Tyastuti (Tyas for short). She's about 12 and she goes to the same middle school Lukman goes to while Tariq goes to the high school next to it. Tyas has kid cousins of her own too, (making them Tariq & Lukman's distant cousins), two kids named Idun & Ida (who were about 8 & 5 respectively I think)
Regarding their hobbies, Lukman is athletic and he plays a lot of sports, mainly those involving balls. Tyas is an artist and she likes to draw. She's planning to make comic series of her own. Tariq is currently busy studying for the final test, but it was hinted that he has a guitar and he loves playing the guitar while singing in his freetime.

And now enter Sufiah & Jaka. The couple are friends with Udin, sort of. Their teenage niece (the one that tells us the story of her aunt & uncle in the first place) knows Udin's kids well too but probably not the cousins much. They usually host parties & gatherings in the House of Udin.

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