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March 10 2019

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March 09 2019

Next brief a e s t h e t i c commercial after Mlek is this weird Rexona parody. When you use it it'll feel like a perpetual breeze blowing at your pits.

March 08 2019

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Sooo I dont fully know which direction this comic's going... Just like all the other comics based on my inner conflicting opinions. On one hand, I agree with being supportive instead of spitefully competitive (healthy competitive is still kinda ok). On the other hand we all gotta acknowledge that pain & frustration of not getting what we want, and to see it fall into someone else's hands. C'mon. People tend to cover it up in favor of being the better person but sometimes, like any other feeling of envy, it needs to be acknowledged.

February 25 2019

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When you envy someone, everything they do or get seem better in your eyes & you feel less whatever than they are, though that's far from the truth. Don't let irrational envy get to you, kids.

Also this reminds me of the cupcake comic I did previously.

February 24 2019

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Back in college I thought this was a good idea, cuz one of the ways I relieve envy besides copying is lying to make myself feel better, mentally putting myself in my envied's shoes. Sadly not a lot of people get it & thinking back about it now, all I could say was "why".

Since this was based on a true story the friends' names are changed in here.
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I dont really believe in "the ____est" concept. Then again i'll call every animal ever "the cutest" every now & then.
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February 23 2019

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it’s waaaaaay late to post this since it happened in October but yeah, thats their actual account & they commented little hearts on my inktober piece with their song in it.
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Gojek has their own version of Flappy Bird
Dude actually said "it's too crowded to go against the traffic direction" but the translation makes him sound like an invitation to fistfight

February 17 2019

Accurate af, stabbed me in the childhood.
Anyone knows what article this Q&A is from?
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More Sally Face doodles. This was after I found out Sal wearing a dress at the wedding is canon & confirmed by Steve Gabry himself.

February 10 2019

Still having them Sally Face feels after watching a few youtubers' gameplay. This was again a redraw of a comic I doodled when i was bored at the office. Tbh I dont even like TikTok memes 🙃

February 09 2019

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started out as a doodle of my baby cousin back when we were still in the hotel in Mecca (she wasnt with us tbh)
Tags: artdump baby woah
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Third one in the series after Cornpig & Rabbeetroot

Yes I'm aware onions don't grow on trees, but owls do fly & chill on trees.
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Stage performance copycat scene. In both panels they're painting/drawing before singing a made-up song on the spot.

Are you #TeamUkulele or #TeamKeyboard?

February 06 2019

my new year's resolution not just for 2019 but for every year ever cuz it always seems to fail halfway 😔 
less envying others, more appreciation for others and self love.

February 05 2019

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